Disconet Dance Classics

A1 Diana Ross Medley
Bobby DJ Spotlights Diana Ross
1. Diana Ross 'Love Hangover'
2. Diana Ross & The Supremes 'Going Down For The Third Time'
3. Diana Ross & The Supremes 'Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart'
4. Diana Ross 'What You Gave Me'
5. Diana Ross & The Supremes 'Where Did Our Love Go'
80-142 BPM
B1 The Three Degrees Set Me Free
Mix by Trip Ringwald and Will Crocker
134 BPM
C1 The Jacksons Can You Feel It
Mix by Mike Lewis, Steve Algozino & Bob Logan
132 BPM
C2 LOI Body Contact
116 BPM
D1 Grace Jones Pull Up To The Bumper
Extended Remix / Mix by Raul & Carlos Ramos
112 BPM
D2 Cotton Candy Having Fun
Mix by Afrika Bambaataa
116 BPM
E1 Skyy Call Me
Extended Remix
122 BPM
E2 Chas Jankel Glad To Know You
Extended Remix
118 BPM
F1 The Human League Don't You Want Me / Do Or Die
Special Remix
120-123 BPM
G1 Viola Wills Stormy Weather
Extended Remix / Mix by Scotty Blackwell & John G. Sollas
132 BPM
H1 Simple Minds Promised You A Miracle
120 BPM
H2 Culture Club I'm Afraid Of Me
A Tarquin Featherstonshaw Mix
124 BPM
I1 Shannon Give Me Tonight
Extended Edit / Mix by Valapucci
119 BPM
J1 Diana Ross Swept Away
Extended Edit
121 BPM
J2 Chaka Khan I Feel For You
Extended Edit / Mix by Jose "Animal" Diaz
126 BPM