Music Factory Mastermix Issue 40

Date:Dec 1989
A1 Technowave! (The Beat Is Hype)
The mix was produced, mixed, energy pumped, technocoloured and turbo-boosted by Def On A Rival
1. Yvonne 'There's A Party Going On'
2. Frankie 'Call It Techno'
3. Doug Lazy 'Let The Rhythm Pump'
4. 2 In A Room 'Do What You Wanna'
5. Looney Tunes 'Just As Long As I Got You'
6. Twin Hype 'For Those Who Like To Groove'
7. Follia 'Track Title Unknown'
8. Looney Tunes 'Another Place Another Time'
9. Mix Mex 'Grand Beat'
10. Mr. Lee 'Get Busy'
11. Nexus 21 '(Still) Life Keeps Moving'
14:48 119.5-123-126.75 BPM
B1 DJ Toolkit Part 12
B2 60's Pop Mix!
The mix was produced, edited and engineered by Scratch 'N' Sniff
1. Tommy Jones & The Shondells 'Mony Mony'
2. Tommy Jones & The Pharaohs 'Wooly Bully'
3. Dusty Springfield 'I Only Wanna Be With You'
4. Neil Sedaka 'Oh Carol'
5. Susan Maughan 'Bobbys Girl'
6. Paul Anka 'Diana'
7. Paul Anka 'Mony Mony'
4:30 137 BPM
B3 Everybody Shout!
The mix was produced, edited and engineered by The Incredible Pseudonym Twins
1. Lulu & The Luvvers 'Shout'
2. Tracey Ullman 'Breakaway'
3. Racey 'Some Girls'
4. Little Richard 'Tutti Frutti'
5. Katrina & The Waves 'Walkin' On Sunshine'
6. John Travolta & Olivia Newton John 'Grease'
6:27 141-217 BPM
C1 Doug Lazy Let The Rhythm Pump
Rhythmically Digital Breakdown / The mix was produced, edited, engineered and re-digitized by Chad J.
6:05 121 BPM
C2 Van McCoy The Hustle
Christmas Hustle / The mix was produced, edited and engineered by Dave Roarty & Martyn Ramsden
7:23 113 BPM
D1 Bob Marley & The Wailers The Legendary Mix
The mix was produced, engineered and edited by Les "Rasta" Hemstock
1. Bob Marley & The Wailers 'Is The Love?'
2. Bob Marley & The Wailers 'Jamming'
3. Bob Marley & The Wailers 'Buffalo Soldier'
4. Bob Marley & The Wailers '3 Little Birds'
5. Bob Marley & The Wailers 'Could You Be Loved'
6:55 126-104 BPM
D2 Kraftwerk Kraftwerk-Re-Werked
The mix was produced, edited and engineered by U.X.B. (Les Hemstock & Rob Ahlin)
1. Kraftwerk 'Numbers (Drums)'
2. Kraftwerk 'Sex Object'
3. Kraftwerk 'The Robots'
4. Kraftwerk 'The Model'
5. Kraftwerk 'Home Computer'
6. Kraftwerk 'It's More Fun To Compute'
7. Kraftwerk 'Techno Pop'
8. Kraftwerk 'Showroom Dummies'
9. Kraftwerk 'Telephone Call'
10. Kraftwerk 'Numbers'
11. Kraftwerk 'Tour De France'
4:42 122-126 BPM