Music Factory Mastermix Issue 24

Date: 1988
A1 Erasure Innocents In Effect (Erasure In Album)
The mix was produced, mixed and edited by Def On A Rival
1. Erasure 'Yahoo'
2. Erasure 'Phantom Bribe'
3. Erasure 'Victim Of Love'
4. Erasure 'Sometimes'
5. Erasure 'It Doesn't Have To Be'
6. Erasure 'Heart Of Stone'
7. Erasure 'Imagination'
8. Erasure 'Hideaway'
9. Erasure 'Chains Of Love'
12:51 106-121 BPM
B1 House Toons
The mix was produced, engineered and edited by Andrew J. Pickles, Assisted by Karl Maddison
1. Matt Bianco 'Wap-Bam-Boogie'
2. Blue Mercedes 'Love Is The Gun'
3. Emilo Pascal 'Sound From The Pink Sand Box'
4. Ten City 'Right Back To You'
9:55 120 BPM
C1 Back 2 Soul
The mix was produced, engineered and edited by Rick Stuart
1. Broomfield 'Don't Cover Up Your Feelings'
2. Teddy Prendergrass 'Joy'
3. Alexander O' Neal 'The Lovers'
4. Keith Sweat 'Something Just Ain't Right'
5. St. Paul 'Intimacy'
6. Mica Paris 'My One Temptation'
7. The Mac Band 'Roses Are Red'
8. Lavine Hudson 'Intervention'
12:50 104-110 BPM
D1 The Fun Factory Mix!
The mix was produced by Les Hemstock
1. Sway 'Hands Up'
2. Jonathon King 'Gimme Some'
3. John Travolta & Olivia Newton John 'Summer Nights'
4. Dr & The Medics 'Spirit In The Sky'
5. Modern Romance 'Best Years Of Our Lives'
6. Antonio Rodriguez 'La Bamba'
7. Byron Lee & The Dragonairies 'Hot, Hot, Hot'
8. Black Lace 'Agadoo'
9:28 122-123 BPM