Music Factory Mastermix Issue 20

Date: 1988
A1 Mel & Kim Leave It Out John! Megamix
The mix was engineered, produced and edited by Rick Stuart
1. Mel & Kim 'That's The Way It Is'
2. Mel & Kim 'I'm The One Who Really Loves You'
3. Mel & Kim 'Showing Out'
4. Mel & Kim 'Respectable'
5. Mel & Kim 'F.L.M'
6. Mel & Kim 'From A Whisper To A Scream'
7. Mel & Kim 'F.L.M (House Mix)'
13:25 118-122 BPM
B1 Girls Night Out
The mix was produced, engineered and edited by Andrew J Pickles & Nigel Brandon
1. Sinitta 'Cross My Broken Heart'
2. Taylor Dayne 'Tell It To My Heart'
3. Taylor Dayne 'Prove Your Love'
4. Natalie Cole 'Pink Cadillac'
10:18 119-123.5 BPM
C1 Pyrotechnics: Back 2 Jack
The mix was produced, edited and crafted by Def On A Rival
1. Wired 'To The Beat Of The Drum'
2. Jack Of All Trades 'Cuttin' Trax'
3. Farley Jackmaster Funk 'Clap In The Pella'
4. The Browns 'What's That'
5. J.A Groove 'Release The Tension'
6. Rise 'House Train'
7. Bam Bam 'Give It To Me'
8. Mink 'Rhythm Method'
9. Beatmasters & Cookie Crew 'Rok Da House'
10. M Doc 'It's Percussion'
11. Jack 'N' Chill 'The Jack That House Built'
11:10 122-124 BPM
D1 Caught In A Hi-NRG Act
The mix was produced, engineered and edited by Chris Lucas & Ossi Bashiri
1. Evelyn Thomas 'High Energy'
2. Earlene Bentley 'Caught In The Act'
13:55 128 BPM