Metromix Issue GT3

Catalog #:GT-3
A1 Young M.C. I Come Off
Mix by C. Lawson/G. Beasley/T. Thornton
6:52 100 BPM
A2 Lisa Stansfield All Around The World
StreetMix/Edit by G. Beasley/S. Russo
6:45 106 BPM
B1 Public Enemy Terror Mix
Edit/Mix by Doc Love/Greg Beasley/Tossin Ted
7:00 109 BPM
B2 Mantronix feat Wondress Gotta Have Your Love
Edits by Capt. "G"/C. Lawson
6:49 108 BPM
Y1 Digital Underground Humpty's Dance Mix
Mix/Edits by G. Beasley/T. Thornton/Doc Love
7:18 106 BPM
Y2 Leila K feat Rob N' Raz Got To Get
Mix/Edits by C. Lawson
5:35 117 BPM
Z1 Salt-N-Pepa Good Seasoning Mix (Part 1)
Mix by Capt. "G"/Doc Love/Tossin' Ted
6:35 97-109 BPM