Metromix Issue GT2

Catalog #:GT 2
A1 Abstract Right And Hype
Edit by G. Beasley
6:07 114 BPM
A2 After 7 Don't Cha Think
Edit by C. Lawson/G. Beasley
5:50 117 BPM
B1 M.C. Hammer Hammer's In The Mix Medley
Mix by G. Beasley
6:56 111-120 BPM
Y1 Young M.C. Principal's Office
Edit by G. Beasley/C. Lawson
6:23 101 BPM
Y2 Heavy D & The Boyz You Ain't Heard Nuthin'
Edit by Doc Love
5:30 103 BPM
Z1 Salt-N-Pepa Expression
Edit by G. Beasley/T. Thornton
9:05 110 BPM
Z2 Sir Mix-A-Lot Re-Beeped
Edit by Capt. "G"/T. Thornton
5:53 110 BPM