Megajam Records 8

Catalog #:MM-08
A1 "House Megamix" Part One
Megamix by Lawrence "D.J. Menace" Wong
1. Crystal Waters '100 Percent Love'
2. CLS 'Can You Feel It'
3. Miranda 'Love Is So Devine'
4. Hausaholics 'Mete Y Saca'
5. House Nation 'Ta Tun Chant'
6. Armand Van Helden 'Funk Phenomena'
7. House Nation 'Get On The Floor'
8. Natalina 'More Of My Love'
9. Livin' Joy 'Dreamer'
10. WW 1 'Reasons'
11. DJ Tragic 'Pants Are Saggin''
12. El Presidente 'Cafe Con Leche'
13. CZR 'Banda Muzik'
14. Los Locos 'El Tiburon'
15. Kool Chris 'The Roof Is On Fire'
16. Randy Crawford 'Forget Me Nots'
17. Katalina 'DJ Girl'
18. Sugar 'Feelings'
19. Bad Boy Orchestra 'El Loco'
20. Sabor 'Quiere Me'
B1 "House Megamix" Part Two
Megamix by Lawrence "D.J. Menace" Wong
1. Uncanny Alliance 'I Got My Education'
2. The Eurythmics 'Sweet Dreams'
3. B Code 'Feel Good'
4. Armand Van Helden 'Mecca Toast'
5. Bad Yard Club 'In De Gettho'
6. Lifted 'Calitos Big Dream'
7. Summer Junkies 'I'm Gonna Love You'
8. Pirates Of The Carribean 'Rumba'
9. Roula 'Lick It'
10. Artie The 1 Man Party 'A Mover La Colita'
11. The Mighty Dub Kats 'Magic Carpet Ride'
12. DJ Juan & Rudy 'Bailame'
13. Moonshine 'I Got The Music'
14. Awesome 3 'Don't Go'
15. Greed 'Pump Up The Volume'