Mastermix Dance

Catalog #:CD838
01 Under The Covers!
1. Beatfreakz 'Somebody's Watching Me'
2. Max Graham Vs Yes 'Owner Of A Lonely Heart'
3. Hi_Tack 'Say, Say, Say (Waiting 4 U)'
4. Supermode 'Tell Me Why'
5. Alibi Vs Rockefeller 'Sexual Healing (Freemasons Mix)'
02 Total Trance!
1. Darude 'Sandstorm'
2. System F 'Out Of The Blue'
3. Delerium feat Sarah Mclachlan 'Silence'
4. ATB '(9PM) Till I Come'
5. Tiesto 'Adagio For Strings'
03 Pure Bassline!
1. Taio Cruz feat Luciana 'Come On Girl (Delinquent Remix)'
2. Wiley 'Wearing My Rolex (Pirate Soundsystem Bassline Mix)'
3. DJ Q & MC Bonez 'You Wot! (Wideboys Bassline Remix)'
4. H 'Two' O feat Platnum 'What's It Gonna Be (Agent X Re-Rub)'
5. Platnum 'Love Shy (Thinking About You) (DJ Q Remix)'
04 90's Anthems!
1. Livin' Joy 'Dreamer'
2. Corona 'Rhythm Of The Night'
3. Gala 'Freed From Desire'
4. Urban Cookie Collective 'The Key, The Secret'
5. Berri 'Sunshine After The Rain'
05 Floorfillers!
1. Black Box 'Ride On Time'
2. Robin S 'Show Me Love (Stonebridge Club Mix)'
3. Ce Ce Peniston 'Finally'
4. Deee-Lite 'Groove Is In The Heart'
5. Technotronic feat Felly 'Pump Up The Jam'