Disconet Volume 7, Program 12

Date:Jul 1985
A1 Donna Summer I Feel Love
The Patrick Cowley MegaMix
15:44 128 BPM
B1 Gina Lamour I'm Gonna Make You Want Me
Extended Edit
6:53 133 BPM
B2 Angie Gold Eat You Up
Extended Edit
7:39 133 BPM
C1 Mac Mac with Jammalot Kingdom Let Me Take You Home (Lisa Lisa)
Extended Edit / Mix by Valapucci
8:22 119 BPM
C2 Sequal It's Not Too Late
Extended Edit
7:06 119 BPM
D1 Venus Hot Sun On Video
Extended Edit
6:01 132 BPM
D2 Kenny Masters S.O.S.-Fire In My Heart
Extended Edit
6:09 155 BPM