Disconet Volume 7, Program 11

Date:Jun 1985
A1 Skipworth & Turner Thinking About Your Love
Disconet Remix / Mix by Scott Blackwell & Marteen
6:04 109 BPM
A2 Kid Frost Terminator
Disconet Remix / A Raul Street Mix
5:09 117 BPM
A3 Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam With Full Force I Wonder If I Take You Home
Disconet Remix / Mix by Valapucci
6:21 117 BPM
B1 France Joli Party Lights
Extended Edit
7:17 137 BPM
B2 Freddie Mercury I Was Born To Love You
Extended Edit / Mix by Steven Von Blau
7:34 140 BPM
C1 The "S.O.S. III" Solar Medley
Mix by Robert F. Gregory, Fernando Fernandez & José Nunez
1. Shalamar 'I Owe You One'
2. Shalamar 'A Night To Remember'
3. Dynasty 'Love In The Fast Lane'
4. The Whispers 'And The Beat Goes On'
5. Dynasty 'Here I Am'
6. Dynasty 'Do Me Right'
7. The Whispers 'In The Raw'
8. Shalamar 'Make That Move'
9. Shalamar 'Second Time Around'
10. Lakeside 'Fantastic Voyage'
11. Dynasty 'I've Just Begun To Love You'
12. The Whispers 'It's A Love Thing'
13. Shalamar 'Take That To The Bank'
14. Shalamar 'Right In The Socket'
15. Midnight Star 'No Parking (On The Dance Floor)'
16. Midnight Star 'Freak-A-Zoid'
17. Midnight Star 'Operator'
18. Midnight Star 'Electricity'
19. Midnight Star 'Wet My Whistle'
20. Midnight Star 'Scientific Love'
17:17 112-118 BPM
D1 Magnifique Magnifique
Extended Edit / Mix by Bob Viteritti
6:35 132 BPM