Disconet Volume 6, Program 8

Date:Feb 1984
A1 Eurythmics Here Comes The Rain Again
Extended Edit
6:53 127 BPM
A2 Barry Manilow You're Lookin' Hot Tonight
Extended Edit
6:20 133 BPM
B1 Olivia Newton-John Twist Of Fate
Extended Edit
6:56 165 BPM
B2 Sleeping Lions Sound Of My Heart
Extended Edit / Mix by Steven Von Blau
8:48 130 BPM
C1 Peek Rhumba My Sensations
Extended Edit
9:37 130 BPM
D1 Tina Turner Let's Stay Together
Extended Edit
7:24 107 BPM
D2 Kathy Wilson After The Fall
Extended Edit
7:44 135 BPM