Disconet Volume 4, Program 12

Date:Apr 1982
A1 Depeche Mode Just Can't Get Enough
Extended Remix / Mix by Joe Hickman
7:42 129 BPM
A2 Plastic Bertrand Stop Ou Encore
7:14 95 BPM
B1 Midnight Powers Dance, It's My Life
Vocal Version
9:12 128 BPM
C1 Eloise Whitaker Don't Turn Your Back On Love
Extended Remix / Mix by Howard Merritt
7:18 123 BPM
C2 Sylvia & Casey Jones It's Good To Be The Queen / West Texas Rap
8:53 108 BPM
D1 Eurodance Medley 2
by Casey Jones
1. Secret Service 'Flash In The Night'
2. Toni Basil 'You Gotta Problem'
3. Risque 'The Girls Are Back In Town'
4. Ronny 'To Have And Have Not'
19:07 128-126 BPM