Disconet Volume 4, Program 11

Date:Mar 1982
A1 Ronnie Jones & Claudja Barry The Two Of Us
Extended Remix
8:27 136 BPM
B1 Bobby Davenport Gimme A Break
5:19 128 BPM
B2 Sky Rider Take A Look At Me
5:50 126 BPM
C1 Tantra Ma-Cum-Ba
14:10 125 BPM
D1 The 1981 Disconet Top Tune Medley
Mix by Mike Arato and John Matarazzo, Produced by Raul A. Rodriguez
1. Taana Gardner 'Heartbeat'
2. Tom Tom Club 'Genius Of Love'
3. Grace Jones 'Pull Up To The Bumper'
4. Billy Ocean 'Nights (Feel Like Getting Down)'
5. Gino Soccio 'Try It Out'
6. Project 'Love Rescue'
7. Rick James 'Give It To Me Baby'
8. Frankie Smith 'Double Dutch Bus'
9. Kelly Marie 'Feels Like I'm In Love'
10. Vivien Vee 'Give Me A Break'
11. Carol Jiani 'Hit 'N Run Lover'
12. Midnight Powers 'Dance, It's My Life'
13. Boystown Gang 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough'
14. Michael Jackson 'Walk Right Now'
15. The Bank 'Lay All Your Your Love On Me'
16. The Three Degrees 'Set Me Free'
17. Tantra 'Hills Of Katmandu'
18. Phyllis Nelson 'Don't Stop The Train'
19. Lime 'Your Love'
20. Royal Philarmonic Orchestra 'Hooked On Classics"'
17:20 100-135 BPM