Disconet Volume 10, Program 6

Date:Apr 1988
A1 Swing Out Sister Surrender
Disconet Edit by Steven Von Blau
7:34 106 BPM
A2 Tears For Fears Everybody Wants To Rule The World
A Henry Winslow Edit
5:20 114 BPM
A3 Mark Styles & The Sunshine Crew Auto Pilot
5:40 120 BPM
B1 Billy Ocean Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car
A Mike Carroll Edit
7:27 118 BPM
B2 Blue Moderne No Use To Borrow
Another Mike Carroll Edit
8:27 122 BPM
C1 Ilusion I Want Your Love In Me
Grand Ilusion Remix by Tuta Aquino for Do-Re-Mix
6:12 124 BPM
C2 Hazell Dean No Fool (For Love)
A Pat & Steven Edit
6:48 112 BPM
C3 C. Jester Gotcha
A Nony Mous Edit
2:58 007 BPM
D1 Linda Singleton You're All I Need To Get By
Edit by Steven Von Blau
5:46 106 BPM
D2 Carol Lynn Townes You Keep Runnin' Back
Edit by Mike Carroll & David Ashby
6:22 110 BPM
D3 Up Front Hold Me Tight
Edit by Dennis Muyet
6:06 123 BPM