Disconet Volume 10, Program 5

Date:Mar 1988
A1 Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine Medley
Produced by Tuta Aquino
1. Miami Sound Machine 'Bad Boy'
2. Miami Sound Machine 'Dr. Beat'
3. Miami Sound Machine 'Conga'
4. Miami Sound Machine 'Rhythm Is Gonna Get You'
8:31 92-127 BPM
A2 The Jets Rocket 2 U (Power Booster Edit)
Dennis Muyet
7:57 120 BPM
B1 The Kane Gang Don't Look Any Further
Edit by Steven Von Blau
7:48 100 BPM
B2 Taste-T-Lips Hypnotize
House-T-Edit by Henry Winslow
6:18 121 BPM
C1 Bananarama Love In The First Degree
House Mix by Phil Harding
7:11 123 BPM
C2 Bananarama Love In The First Degree
Disconet Penthouse Dub by Steven Von Blau & Mike Carroll
4:49 123 BPM
C3 Pepsi & Shirlie All Right Now
Remix by Mario Rios & Pat Rascona
6:29 116 BPM
D1 Spagna Call Me
Fiber Optic Edit by Mike Carroll
7:37 114 BPM
D2 Vanelle Set Me Free
RAGing Dance Edit by J. R. Clements
6:46 132 BPM