Disconet Volume 10, Program 2

Date:Dec 1987
A1 Disconet Top Tune Megamix '87
Produced by Tuta Aquino & Dennis Muyet
1. George Michael 'I Want Your Sex'
2. Expose 'Let Me Be The One'
3. Jody Watley 'Looking For A New Love'
4. Noel 'Silent Morning'
5. Cyndi Lauper 'Change Of Heart'
6. Pretty Poison 'Catch Me (I'm Falling)'
7. Company B 'Fascinated'
8. Company B 'Full Circle'
9. Promise Circle 'Be Mine Tonight'
10. S.O.S. Band 'No Lies'
11. Janet Jackson 'The Pleasure Principle'
12:05 100-118 BPM
B1 Raquel Welch This Girl's Back In Town
7:37 132 BPM
B2 Secret Ties Dancin' Insanity
7:18 138 BPM
C1 Disconet High Energy Medley '87
Produced by Mike Carroll
1. Whitney Houston 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody'
2. Kissing The Pink 'Certain Things Are Likely'
3. Company B 'Fascinated'
4. Laura Branigan 'Shattered Glass'
5. Hazell Dean 'Always Doesn't Mean Forever'
6. Debbie Gibson 'Shake Your Love'
7. Debbie Gibson 'Only In My Dreams'
8. Trance Dance 'Do The Dance'
9. Bananarama 'I Heard A Rumour'
10. Claudja Barry 'I Don't Know If You're (Dead Or Alive)'
11. Dead Or Alive 'Something In My House'
12:27 119-131 BPM
C2 Jayne Edwards White Christmas
5:17 124 BPM
D1 Jellybean Just A Mirage
Lead Vocal: Adele Bertei Disconet Edit by Danae Jacovidis
7:44 126 BPM
D2 Amanda Lucci Cry Out In The Night
Disconet Edit by Steven Von Blau
7:48 126 BPM