Disconet Volume 10, Program 1

Date:Nov 1987
A1 Swing Out Sister Breakout
Edit by Mike Carroll
7:13 116 BPM
A2 Debbie Gibson Shake Your Love
Disconet Edit by Mike Carroll
6:07 122 BPM
B1 Jamie Dean Love Child
6:40 121 BPM
B2 Bananarama I Can't Help It
Disconet Edit by Steven Von Blau
7:44 123 BPM
C1 Man Parrish Hip Hop, Be Bop (Don't Stop)
The Pit Bull Mix / Additional Production & Remix by Steven Von Blau & Mark Styles
7:19 116 BPM
C2 Ellis D My Loleatta
"D" Edit by Steven
6:18 120 BPM
D1 Pepsi & Shirlie It's A Shame
Edit by Henry Winslow
6:19 118 BPM
D2 Zenobia Baby, I'm Still In Love With You
Mix & Edit by Doug DiFranco
4:48 120 BPM
D3 Evelyn Thomas No Win Situation
6:15 128 BPM