Disconet Volume 10, Program 11

Date:Sep 1988
A1 Hazell Dean Turn It Into Love
Disconet Version / Mix by Steven Von Blau & Mark Styles
7:43 118 BPM
A2 The Four Tops Indestructible
Edit by J. R. Clements
7:10 109 BPM
B1 The Kyrme Now & Forever
Mix by Tuta Aquino
6:40 119 BPM
B2 Tony Terry Young Love
A Dennis Muyet Edit
7:13 120 BPM
C1 Good Question Got A New Love
A Mike Carroll Edit
6:38 117 BPM
C2 S-Express Superfly Guy
Edit by Todd Culver
6:43 118 BPM
D1 Pretty Poison When I Look Into Your Eyes
A Mark Styles Edit
5:45 118 BPM
D2 Debbie Jacobs-Rock Forever Medley
Edit by J. R. Clements & Ed Richbourg
7:10 127 BPM
D3 The Sunshine Crew feat Delano Comeback
Mix by Mark Styles
5:17 130 BPM