Disconet Volume 10, Program 10

Date:Aug 1988
A1 Michael Jackson Another Part Of Me
Edit by Tuta Aquino
6:46 112 BPM
A2 Will To Power Say It's Gonna Rain
A Todd Culver Edit
6:12 121 BPM
B1 Erasure Chains Of Love
A Mike Carroll Edit
6:33 121 BPM
B2 Trance Dance HooDoo Wanna VooDoo
Disconet Edit by Steven Von Blau
6:45 126 BPM
C1 Muyet's Mid-Year Medley
Megamix by Dennis Muyet
1. Bananarama 'Love In The First Degree'
2. Rick Astley 'Never Gonna Give You Up'
3. S-Express 'Theme From S-Express'
4. Nia Peebles 'Trouble'
5. Jody Watley 'Some Kind Of Lover'
6. The Jets 'Rocket To You'
7. Rick Astley 'Together Forever'
8. Tracie Spencer 'Symptoms Of True Love'
9. Blue Mercedes 'I Want To Be Your Property'
15:18 112-119 BPM
D1 Hazell Dean Megamix
Mix by Les Adams of DMC
1. Hazell Dean 'No Fool For Love'
2. Hazell Dean 'They Say It's Gonna Rain'
3. Hazell Dean 'Always Doesn't Mean Forever'
4. Hazell Dean 'Who's Leaving Who'
5. Hazell Dean 'Danger'
6. Hazell Dean 'Searchin''
7. Hazell Dean 'Whatever I Do'
12:58 112-134 BPM
D2 Ernest Kohl Bump Me
Mix by Casey Jones
5:34 125 BPM