X-Mix Issue 6

Date: 1992
A1 Double You We All Need Love
X-Mix by Lenny Bertoldo
4:43 122 BPM
A2 Deee-Lite Thank You Everyday
X-Mix by The ToXic Twins for X-Mix Productions
6:04 124 BPM
A3 U2 Even Better Than The Real Thing
X-Mix by Q-Bass / Additional Production and Mix by Lenny Bertoldo
5:11 124 BPM
B1 Michael Jackson Thriller
Wake The Dead Mix / X-Mix by Omar Santana
6:01 118 BPM
B2 Smart E's Sesame's Treat
Reconstructed by Omar Santana
5:50 120 BPM
B3 Kwame Ownlee Eue
X-Mix by Lenny Bertoldo
6:07 112 BPM