Wicked Mix 13

Catalog #:WM-13
Date: 1991
A1 Kym Sims Too Blind To See
Remix by Edwin Bautista
5:16 120 BPM
A2 Mr. Tung Twista Tung Twista
Remix by David Meyer
5:57 110 BPM
A3 Funkadelic One Nation Under A Groove
Classic Remix / Remix by David Meyer
5:45 123 BPM
A4 Wicked Beat 25
A5 Wicked Beat 25
B1 Eddie Boy On The Wicked Tip!
Medley by Edwin Bautista
13:45 99-120 BPM
B2 Xpansions Move Your Body
Bonus Track / Remix by David Meyer & Hector The Ejector
5:52 122 BPM
B3 Samples & Scratches