The Video Pool #127

Format:Video PAL
Date:Jan 1995
01 2 In A Tent When Im Cleaning Windows
02 Blue Bamboo A B C & D
03 Rednex Cotton Eye Joe
04 Black Duck Whiggle In Line
05 Zig & Zag Them Girls
06 M Beat Feat Nazlyn Sweet Love
07 Ini Kamoze Here Comes The Hotstepper
08 Ultimate Kaos Hoochie Booty
09 House Traffic Every Day Of My Life
10 Q Tex Believe
11 Loveland I Need Somebody
12 Mary J Blige Be Happy
13 East 17 Stay Another Day
14 Bomb The Bass Darkheart
15 Y?N Vee Chocolate
16 Boyzone Love Me For A Reason
17 Michelle Gayle Ill Find You
18 2Wo Third3 I Want To Be Alone
19 Madonna Take A Bow
20 Sting This Cowboy Song
21 Celine Dion Think Twice
22 Robert Palmer You Blow Me Away
23 Siouxsie & The Banshees O Baby
24 Page & Plant Gallows Pole
25 Motorhead Feat Ice T & Whitfield Born To Raise Hell
26 Mighty Morph & Power Rangers Power Rangers
27 Eric Idle Ft Richard Wilson One Foot In The Grave
28 Peaches Christmas Wrapping
29 Mariah Carey All I Want For Xmas Is You
30 Dina Carroll The Perfect Year