Techno Project Issue 6

A1 Mix 1
1. AB Logic 'The Hitman'
2. Bass Bumpers 'The Music's Got Me'
3. Terrorize 'It's Just A Feeling'
4. Elevation 'Can U Feel It'
5. Bass Boy 'Let The Bass Be Louder'
6. Interactive 'Dildo'
7. Immaginazione 'Musica Delfuturo'
8. Sequential 'Psychotronic'
9. Sound Factory 'Understand This Groove'
10. MC Fresh 'Don't Wanna Be Free'
11. Impact Records 'Move Ya Body'
B1 Mix 2
1. White Label 'Move Ya Body'
2. White Label 'Let The Rhythm Take Control'
3. F.B. 'Bing Boing'
4. Edge Records 'Feef Logic'
5. Xenophobia 'Rush In The House'