Techno Project Issue 1

A1 Mix 1
Mixed by Juanito
1. Digital Boy 'The B.O.V.'
2. Cosmo Dibs 'Sonic Rush'
3. Rabbit City 'Digital Domain / Force Mass Motion EP'
4. DJ Seduction 'Hardcore Heaven'
5. Holy Noise 'James Brown Is Still Alive'
6. Immaginazione 'Bip Bip'
7. Smart Systems 'Tingler'
8. Technomania '4-3-2'
9. Digital Boy 'This Is Mutha Fucker'
B1 Mix 2
1. Interface 'Return To Toy Town'
2. Return Of The Living Acid 'Get Funky'
3. Carlos Peron 'Power Transfer'
4. E-Trax 'Don't Just Stand There'
5. Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era 'Far Out'
6. NY Style 'Shut Up'
7. Interactive 'Who Is Elvis'