Rhythm Stick RS 1-9

A1 Liza Minnelli Don't Drop Bombs
"The Fricassee Dove" CD Edit by Steve Bourasa
7:09 123 BPM
A2 Rhythm Device Acid Rock
"The Vancouver Feet Beat" CD Edit by Mario S. David
6:45 120 BPM
B1 S-Express Mantra For A State Of Mind
"The TM" Edit by Jim "Hip Hop" Hopkins
6:39 120 BPM
B2 Akasa One Night In My Life
"The Space & Time" CD Edit by Glenn Cattanach
6:54 120 BPM
C1 Technotronic with Felly Pump Up The Jam
"The Jelly Tight" CD Mix with Additional Production by Steve Bourasa
6:12 125 BPM
C2 West Bam with Rhythm Asyllum Cold Train
"The Ice Man Cometh" Edit by Jim "Hip Hop" Hopkins
7:17 124 BPM
D1 Fuzzbox Walking On Thin Ice
"The Tread Lightly" Edit by Steve Bourasa
7:41 119 BPM
D2 The Beloved The Sun Rising
"The Break Of Dawn" CD Remix with Additional Production by Mark Watkins
7:04 120 BPM