Rhythm Stick RS 1-6

A1 Paula Abdul Cold Hearted
"The Vancouver Cold Feet Beat" Remix by Mario S. David
6:19 123 BPM
A2 Inner City Do You Love What You Feel
"The Sixth Sense" CD Mix by Steve Bourasa
6:40 123 BPM
B1 Pet Shop Boys It's Alright
"The All Right" CD Mix by Mark Watkins
6:59 124 BPM
B2 Lisa & The Love Federation Midnight Lighting
"The Brotherly Love" Edit by Glenn Cattanach
6:19 118 BPM
C1 Simon Harris I've Got Your Pleasure Control
"Push All The Buttons" CD Mix by Mark Watkins
7:51 122 BPM
C2 Corporation Of One The Real Life
"The Larger Than Life" Mix by Jim "Hip Hop" Hopkins
6:11 122 BPM
D1 Emilio Pasquez Sounds From The Pink Sandbox
"The Holly Shit Batman" Mix by Steve "Boom Boom" Bourasa
5:13 120 BPM
D2 Mod. No. 4 Judicta
"Mod Numero Uno" Mix by Jim "Hip Hop" Hopkins
5:51 120 BPM