Remix! Club Volume 9

1-01 Aretha Franklin A Rose Is Still A Rose
1-02 Gloria Estefan Heaven's What I Feel
1-03 Sash! La Primavera
1-04 Billie Meyers Kiss The Rain
1-05 Solid Harmonie I'll Be There For You
1-06 LFO Sex U Up
1-07 Brian McKnight Anytime
1-08 Pure Sugar Hands To Heaven
2-01 Fire Island feat. Loleatta Holloway Shout To The Top
2-02 Ultra Nate Found A Cure
2-03 Para Disco Shine
2-04 Crush Loves Hold
2-05 Disco Daze Boogie Nights
2-06 The Tamperer feat. Maya Feel It
2-07 Colonel Abrams I'm Caught Up
2-08 Giggles I Will Survive