This Is... Only A Test!

Catalog #:SP-010
Date: 1989
A1 New Beat Medley
Art Maharg
1. Code 61 'Drop The Deal'
2. Phorward 'Track 9'
3. It's Official 'We Are Responsible'
4. Explorers Of The Nile 'We Are Egyptians'
5. Public Relation 'New Beat Mind'
6. Danse Macabre 'Spirit Of Bulgaria'
7. Freak Brothers 'Freak To The Beat'
8. Dr. Phibes 'Vachillia'
9. Beat Beat Beat 'Beat In The Street'
10. Kings Of Agreppo 'Agreppo'
11. Dirty Harry 'D'Bop'
12. Boytronic 'Bryllyant'
13. Erotic Dissidents 'Move Your Ass'
14. TNT Clan 'Blow Up The Dee-Jay'
15. New Beat Generation 'Suck The Beat'
16. Taste Of Sugar 'Hmmm Hmmm'
17. Speck & Roan 'Schnell'
18. Space Opera 'Mandate My Ass'
19. Fatal Error 'Fatal Error'
20. No More Ecstasy 'God Is Dead'
21. BX-8017 'Take An Acid'
22. Cavemen 'Bocasaurus'
23. Chinese Ways 'Secrets Of China'
100 BPM
B1 Hard Beat Medley
Art Maharg
1. Mr. Horse 'Crisis Situation'
2. Beat Professor 'Beat Professor'
3. Taste Of Sugar 'Golden Shower'
4. Bulgarka 'Musica'
5. Taste Of Sugar 'Golden Shower'
6. Miss Nude 'Taste My Acid Fruit'
7. Boy Toy 'Touch My Body'
8. Hi-Hat 'Rock To The Beat'
9. Mac Sample 'House Inspector'
10. Black Kiss 'The Orgasm'
11. Spectrum 'Total Recall'
12. Tragic Error 'Tanzen'
13. Agaric 'I'm Gonna Beat 'Dis'
14. Jean Paul Gaultier 'How To Do That'
15. Taste Of Sugar 'Golden Shower'
16. Karen Finley 'Tales Of Taboo'
114 BPM
C1 Massive Acid Medley
Joseph Watt
1. Nitzer Ebb 'Join In The Chant'
2. The Acid Kids 'Help!'
3. The Airplane Crashers 'White Rabbit'
4. King George 'Saigon Nightmare'
5. Ghentlon 'Cheebala'
6. Dux Dux 'Keep On Pushin''
7. The Hippies On LSD 'Love & Peace'
8. Dux Dux 'Keep On Pushin''
9. Sandra 'Around My Heart'
10. Jean Paul Gaultier 'Aow Tou Dou Zaht'
11. Deborah Sasson 'Passion & Pain'
12. Chico Crew 'Noise Gate'
13. The Beat Pirate 'Are You On 1 Matey?'
14. Silicon Dream 'Wunderbar'
15. Samantha Fox 'Love House'
16. D-Shake 'Tune In'
17. Inner City 'Big Fun'
18. New Order 'Fine Time'
19. Future Perfect 'Sato Agrepo'
20. Deborah Sasson 'Danger In Her Eyes'
21. P.O.P. 'Theme From P.O.P.'
22. Safe 'Godzilla V The Space Mutants'
23. The Hardsonic Bottoms 3 'Do It!'
128 BPM
D1 Tekno Acid Medley
Joseph Watt
1. Nitzer Ebb 'Control I'm Here'
2. The Hardsonic Bottoms 3 'Do It!'
3. Samantha Fox 'I Only Wanna Be With You'
4. Paul Rutherford 'Get Real'
5. C.C.C.P. 'CCCP House'
6. Pankow 'Sickness Takin' Over'
7. Bigod 20 'Body To Body'
8. Bigod 20 'What Acid?'
9. Lizzie Tear 'Turbocharged'
10. C.C.C.P. 'United States Of Europe'
11. Off 'Be My Dream'
12. The Shamen 'Strange Day Dreams '89'
13. Off 'Be My Dream'
14. Londonbeat 'Up All Night'
15. Samantha Fox 'I Only Wanna Be With You'
16. Mayday 'Sinister'
17. Annette 'Dream 17'
18. Psychic TV 'Tune In'
19. Samantha Fox 'I Only Wanna Be With You'
20. Frequency 9 'Get On One'
21. Londonbeat 'Over The Speed Limit'
22. Ecstasy Club 'Jesus Loves The Acid'
23. DJ Doktor Megatrip 'Joy!'
120 BPM