Prime Cuts Volume 3, Issue 8

A1 Mariah Carey Someday
Memorex Mix by Brian McGuire
109.5 BPM
A2 Heart & Fire Go For It
Knock Out Edit by Phillip Columbus & Howard Prince
110 BPM
B1 Lisette Melendez Together Forever
Free-Bass Edit by The Crack Dragons
118.5 BPM
B2 Jellybean feat Niki Haris What's It Gonna Be
BIG McEdit by Brian McGuire
120 BPM
C1 Kim Appelby Don't Worry
Phantom Mix by J. R. Clements
123 BPM
C2 Cause & Effect You Think You Know Her
Re-Edit by Howard Prince & Phillip Columbus
124 BPM
D1 Tara Kemp Hold You Tight
All Day Edit by Phillip Columbus & Howard Prince
99.5 BPM
D2 Monkey Business Everyone's A Winner
Re-Edited by J. R. Clements
125.5 BPM