Prime Cuts Volume 2, Issue 4

A1 New Order Fine Time
Made To Order Mix by Howard Prince & Phillip Columbus
A2 Wee Papa Girl Rappers Heat It Up
Chernobyl Melt-Down Mix by Howard Prince
B1 Kon Kan I Beg Your Pardon
Rose Garden Re-Edit by Joe Kay
B2 Will To Power Fading Away
F.L.L.L. Edit by Steve Jaffe
C1 5 Star Rock My Weekend
Mix by Glenn Cattanach
1. 5 Star 'Rock My World'
2. 5 Star 'Another Weekend'
D1 Milli Vanilli Girl You Know It's True
Rhythmix by Howard Prince
D2 Lakeside Fantastic Voyage
F.L.L.L. Edit by Steve Jaffe