Music Factory Mastermix Issue 91

Format:CD / 2x12"
Date:Mar 1994
01 Absurd Out Of My Head
Mixed by A. Mozart
4:42 130 BPM
02 2 Unlimited Get Ready For This (Horny Remix)
Mixed by Mark 'The Hitman' Smith. Keyboards: Bunker Smythe
5:02 130 BPM
03 Doug Lazy Let It Roll (Frantique Remix)
Mixed by Andy Pickles. Keyboards: Andy Pickles
5:02 128 BPM
04 Media Mastermix
Mixed by Martin Smith for Megabass
1. Sharada House Gang 'Dancing Through The Night'
2. Antico 'Can't Stop This Feeling'
3. Sharada House Gang 'Let The Music Move You'
4. Fargetta 'Music Is Movin''
5. DJ Pierre 'Music Is My Life'
6. Cappella 'Move On Baby'
7. 49ers 'Touch Me'
12:30 132.3-131.6-134 BPM
05 Beats International Dub Be Good To Me (Remix)
Mixed by Guy Garrett for TLB
7:45 122 BPM
06 NRG Faze
Mixed by Mark 'The Hitman' Smith
1. Back 2 Basics 'Please Forgive Me'
2. Obsession 'Can U Feel It'
3. Abigail 'Losing My Religion'
4. Astaire 'I'd Do Anything For Love'
7:50 126-130 BPM
07 Sybil Walk On By (Remix)
Mixed by Mark 'The Hitman' Smith. Keyboards: Bunker Smythe
4:50 126 BPM
08 Disco Divas
Mixed by Bill Medley
1. Gloria Gaynor 'I Will Survive'
2. Sister Sledge 'We Are Family'
3. Chaka Khan 'I'm Every Woman'
4. Alicia Bridges 'I Love The Nightlife'
5. Anita Ward 'Ring My Bell'
7:00 123-126 BPM
*09 Ramirez El Gallinero (DJ Bob Remix)
Additional production and remix by Bob Snoeijer. Thanks to Richard Monkel for digitally remastering.
5:10 147.5 BPM
10-17 DJ Toolkit Part 54
Compiled by Two Little Boys
1. 'I Want You To Sell Me A Condom'
2. 'Do It (Scratch)'
3. 'Walking In The Land'
4. 'Suicide'
5. 'Max Mix'
6. 'Tummy Rub'
7. 'Football Crowd'
8. 'I Can't Stop. Dance Till You Drop'

* CD Only