Music Factory Mastermix Issue 76

Format:CD / 2x12"
Date: 1992
01 Abbacadabra Megamix
Mixed by Andy Pickles, Darren Ash & Martin Smith, Additional Keyboards by Dave Cass
1. Abbacadabra 'Dancing Queen'
2. Abbacadabra 'Knowing Me, Knowing You'
3. Abbacadabra 'Gimme, Gimme, Gimme'
4. Abbacadabra 'The Winner Takes It All'
5. Abbacadabra 'Lay All Your Love On Me'
4:50 120-132 BPM
02 Showaddywaddy Megamix
Mixed by Two Little Boys
1. Showaddywaddy 'Hey Rock 'N' Roll'
2. Showaddywaddy 'Under The Moon Of Love'
3. Showaddywaddy 'Dancin' Party'
4. Showaddywaddy 'When'
5. Showaddywaddy 'I Wonder Why'
6. Showaddywaddy 'Pretty Little Angel Eyes'
5:32 164-198-212 BPM
03 Bizarre Inc. Minimix
Mixed by Paul Kitchener
1. Bizarre Inc. 'Such A Feeling'
2. Bizarre Inc. feat. Angie Brown 'I'm Gonna Get You'
3. Bizarre Inc. 'Playing With Knives'
5:41 124-126-127 BPM
04 Belinda Carlisle Belinda - The Club Megamix
Mixed by Darren Ash
1. Belinda Carlisle 'Heaven Is A Palce On Earth'
2. Belinda Carlisle 'Do You Feel Like I Feel?'
3. Belinda Carlisle 'Leave A Light On'
4. Belinda Carlisle '(We Want) The Same Thing'
6:15 124-127.5-128.9-131 BPM
05 Londonbeat Megamix
Mixed by Dave Roarty, Additional Orchestrations by Tony Rex
1. Londonbeat 'No Woman No Cry'
2. Londonbeat 'A Better Love'
3. Londonbeat 'That's How I Feel About You'
4. Londonbeat 'I've Been Thinking About You'
5. Londonbeat 'You Bring On The Sun'
9:40 93-120 BPM
06 Suburban Techno
Mixed by Martin 'Megabass' Smith
1. Awesome 3 'Don't Go'
2. Baby D 'Let Me Be Your Fantasy'
3. Sy-Kick 'Music In The House'
4. Jonny L 'Hurt You So'
5. Rachel Wallace 'Tell Me Why'
6. Smart E's 'Loo's Control'
12:54 136-140 BPM
*07 Autumn Attack
Mixed by Andre Pleine
1. Double You 'We All Need Love'
2. Clubland 'Hypnotized'
3. Danny B. 'Lovey Dovey'
4. Nu People 'You're No Good'
5. Undercover 'Baker Street'
6. Candy Beat 'Saxy'
7. Candy Beat 'Feel Alright'
8. 2 Unlimited 'The Magic Friend'
9. Captain Hollywood 'More And More'
11:50 123-128.5 BPM
08 XMas DJ Toolkit Part 43
Compiled by Kevin Sweeney

* CD Only