Music Factory Mastermix Issue 42

Date:Feb 1990
A1 Bring That Beat Back Down '89
The mix was produced, edited and engineered entirely on Intercity 125 to Doncaster by Def On A Rival
1. Fresh Four 'Wishing On A Star'
2. Roxette 'The Look'
3. Soul II Soul 'Back To Life'
4. Lisa Stansfield 'All Around The World'
5. DJ Mark 'The 900 Number'
6. Neneh Cherry 'Buffalo Stance'
7. Alyson Williams 'Sleeptalk'
8. Bobby Brown 'My Perogative'
9. Readhead 'Do The Right Thing'
10. De La Soul 'Say No Go'
11. New Kids On The Block 'You Got It'
12. De La Soul 'Me, Myself & I'
13. Karyn White 'Secret Rendezvous'
14. Paula Abdul 'Straight Up'
10:05 93-116 BPM
B1 DJ Toolkit Part 14
B2 Get Hip To This!...
The mix was produced, engineered, edited, caps worn backwards, VW badges stolen and lots of jewellery worn by Scratch 'N' Sniff
1. Tone Loc 'I Got It Going'
2. The 45 King 'The 900 Number'
3. Readhead 'Do The Right Thing'
4. De La Soul 'Eye Know'
5. Queen Latifa 'Ladies First'
7:35 110-113 BPM
B3 The Bolloxski Brothers Swan Lake
There's Ballet In The House / The mix was produced, edited and engineered by Dave "Look whats swelling in the front of my Tuto" Roarty & Lawrence "Theres an extra sandwich in my pack lunch" Harvey, Keyboards by Lawrence Harvey & Martyn Ramsden
6:15 122 BPM
C1 Mel & Kim Showing Out
Techno Mix / The mix was produced, edited and engineered by Alan Coulthard
5:53 121 BPM
C2 Italo Mini Mix III (The Story Continues)
The mix was produced, edited and engineered by Rick Stuart
1. FPI Project 'Going Back To My Roots'
2. K-Tronic 'House Of Calypso'
3. 49ers 'Touch Me'
4. Morenas 'Hazme Sonar'
5. Jam Machine 'Everyday'
6. BCN Orchestra 'Quien Tu Tres Crees'
9:15 123-124 BPM
D1 Jazzie's Soul Groove
The mix was produced, edited, engineered and soul injected by Rod Layman & John Digweed
1. Soul II Soul 'Jazzies Groove'
2. Gap Band 'Outstanding'
3. Tashan 'Read My Mind'
4. Ronnette 'Just Wanna Touch Me'
5. Neneh Cherry 'Inner City Mamma'
6. Karyn White 'The Way You Love Me'
7. The Chimes 'Underestimate'
8. Quincy Jones 'I'll Be Good To You'
9. Dina Carroll 'Walk On By'
10. Lorretta Wood 'Do It Right'
11. Soul II Soul 'Keep On Moving'
10:25 100-92 BPM
D2 Sister Sledge We Are Family 1990
The mix was produced, edited and engineered by Rob Ahlin
4:13 121 BPM