Music Factory Mastermix Issue 37

Date:Sep 1989
A1 Bobby Brown Too Hot To Handle!
The mix was produced, mixed and "Hot edits" by Def On A Rival
1. Bobby Brown 'Don't Be Cruel'
2. Bobby Brown 'On Our Own'
3. Bobby Brown 'Every Little Step'
4. Bobby Brown 'My Prerogative'
10:02 102-101-109 BPM
A2 DJ Toolkit Part 9
Sequenced by Def On A Rival
1. 'Buffalo Beats'
2. 'Fantasy Girl'
3. 'Night Loops'
4:52 107/122/121.5 BPM
B1 Cool "Classic" Soul
The mix was produced, engineered, edited and laid well back by Scratch 'N' Sniff
1. SOS Band 'Just Be Good To Me'
2. SOS Band 'Just The Way You Like It'
3. SOS Band 'Borrowed Love'
4. Loose Ends 'Hanging On A String'
5. Change 'Let's Go Together'
6. 52nd Street 'Tell Me (How It Feels)'
7. Princess 'Say I'm You're No. 1'
14:05 103 BPM
C1 U.X.B. Replay (I Wanna Play Games)
The mix was produced, edited and engineered by Les Hemstock & Rob Ahlin
5:40 125 BPM
C2 Jean Michel Jarre Equinoxe
The Dance Remix / The mix was produced, edited and engineered by Rob Ahlin
6:05 120 BPM
D1 Lisa Stansfield This Is The Right Time
The Right Mix / The mix was produced, engineered and edited by Dave Roarty, Additional production and drum programs by Dave Roarty
5:40 124 BPM
D2 Euro Mini Mix - "The Italian Sound"
The mix was produced and edited by Rick "Bolognese" Stuart, Beats programmed by Rick "Justa Like Mama Used To Maka" Stuart
1. Starlight 'Numero Uno'
2. Black Box 'Ride On Time'
3. Fax Yourself 'Sunshine 89'
7:30 125/123 BPM