Music Factory Mastermix Issue 30

Date:Feb 1989
A1 Put That Record Back On '88 Part Two
The mix was produced, edited, hyped-up and freaked out by Def On A Rival
1. Swan Lake 'In The Name Of Love'
2. Royal House 'Can You Party'
3. Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock 'Get On The Dancefloor'
4. Michael Jackson 'Smooth Criminal'
5. Inner City 'Big Fun'
6. Kid N' Play 'Do This My Way'
7. Ten City 'Right Back To You'
8. The Jungle Brothers 'I'll House You'
9. Wee Papa Girls 'Heat It Up'
10. Bros 'I Owe You Nothing'
11. Inner City 'Good Life'
12. Mac Thornhill 'Who's Gonna Ease The Pressure'
13. Brat Pack 'So Many Ways'
14. Zuzan 'Girls Can Jak Too'
15. Yazz 'The Only Way Is Up'
16. Jellybean 'Jingo'
17. The Todd Terry Project 'Weekend'
18. Mr. Lee 'Pump It Up Chicago'
19. Salt N' Pepa 'Push It'
8:13 122-126 BPM
B1 House Of Truth
The mix was produced, engineered, mixed, edited and programmed by Andy Pickles & Nigel Brandon
1. Marshall Jefferson presents The Truth 'Open Our Eyes'
2. Turntable 'You're Gonna Miss Me'
3. By All Means 'Somebody Save Me'
4. Kym Mazelle 'Useless (I Don't Need You Now)'
5. Jomanda 'Make My Body Rock'
6. Blue Jean 'In My House'
7. Blaze 'Can't Win For Losing'
8. Phase II 'Reaching'
12:32 119-121 BPM
C1 Inner City Good Life
Out Of Town Mix / The remix was produced, engineered, edited and programmed by Lawrence Harvey & Dave Roarty, Additional keyboards by Lawrence Harvey
8:24 125 BPM
C2 Alexander O'Neal House Of O'Neal
The remix was produced, engineered and edited by Les Hemstock, Programming by Rob O' Cut
1. Alexander O'Neal 'Fake'
2. Alexander O'Neal 'Critisize'
6:45 120 BPM
D1 Rob Base & E-Z Rock Get On The Dancefloor
The mix was produced, engineered and edited by Rick Stuart
7:52 119 BPM
D2 DJ Toolkit Part 2