Music Factory Mastermix Issue 285 Black

Date:Mar 2010
01 Commercial Dance
1. Wiley feat Chew Fu 'Take That'
2. Chuckie & LMFAO 'Let The Mass Kick In Miami Girl'
3. Sidney Samson feat Wizard Sleeve 'Riverside (Let's Go!)'
4. SBS Goes Dutch 'Lick It On The Riverside'
5. Steve Aoki feat Zuper Blahq 'I'm In The House'
02 Beyonce Vs Rihanna Battle Of The Babes
1. Beyonce feat Lady Gaga 'Video Phone'
2. Rihanna feat Jay-Z 'Hard'
3. Beyonce 'Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)'
4. Rihanna 'Pon De Replay'
5. Beyonce feat Jay-Z 'Deja Vu'
6. Rihanna 'Disturbia'
7. Beyonce 'Green Light'
8. Rihanna 'Don't Stop The Music'
9. Beyonce 'Sweet Dreams'
10. Rihanna 'S.O.S'
03 David Guetta David Guetta's Club Anthems
1. David Guetta feat Kid Cudi 'Memories'
2. David Guetta Vs The Egg 'Love Don't Let Me Go (Walking Away)'
3. David Guetta feat Estelle 'One Love (Fatman Scoop & Chuckie Remix)'
4. David Guetta feat Cozi 'Baby When The Light'
5. David Guetta feat Willi.I.Am & Apl De Ap 'On The Dancefloor'
6. David Guetta 'Just A Little More Love'
7. David Guetta feat Chris Willis 'Love Is Gone'
8. David Guetta feat Akon 'Sexy Bitch'
04 Chipmunk Triple Tracker
1. Chipmunk 'Oopsy Daisy'
2. Chipmunk feat Talay Riley 'Look For Me'
3. Chipmunk feat Emeli Sand 'Diamond Rings'
05 Lady Gaga Vs Britney Spears Vs Kelis Good Things Come In 3's
1. Lady Gaga 'Paparazzi (Acapella)'
2. Britney Spears '3 (Instrumental & Acapella Samples)'
3. Kelis 'Get Along With You (Acapella)'
06 Dave Darell Vs Kesha
1. Dave Darell 'For An Angel (Instrumental)'
2. Kesha 'Tik Tik (Acapella)'
07 Disco Cell Vs Pitbull
1. Disco Cell 'Popcorn (Instrumental)'
2. Pitbull 'Hotel Room Service (Acapella)'
08 Timberland Vs Snap!
1. Timberland feat Keri Hilson 'The Way I Are (Acapella)'
2. Snap! 'Rhythm Is A Dancer (Instrumental)'
09 MX Don't Stop Believin' (Electro Club Mix)