Music Factory Mastermix Issue 210

Date:Jan 2004
1-01 Ultimate Pop Party 2003
Mixed by Gary Gee
1. Shane Richie 'I'm Your Man'
2. Girls Aloud 'Jump (For My Love)'
3. Gareth Gates 'Spirit In The Sky'
4. Rachel Stevens 'Sweet Dreams My L.A. Ex'
5. Pink 'Get The Party Started'
8:24 132-136 BPM
1-02 Obsession Commercial Dance: The King & Queen Mix
Mixed by Richard Wood
1. Obsession 'Suspicious Minds'
2. Obsession 'Your Song'
3. Obsession 'Always On My Mind'
4. Obsession 'Rocket Man'
8:48 138 BPM
1-03 Club Culture
Mixed by Gary Gee
1. Corona 'Rhythm Of The Night (2004 Remix)'
2. Northstarz 'What's Up (Club Mix)'
3. Haddaway 'What Is Love 2004'
4. Angel City 'Love Me Right (Resonanace Q Mix)'
5. Ultrabeat 'Feelin' Fine'
14:18 140-143 BPM
1-04 School Disco Period 13: High School Party
Mixed by Mr Naylor
1. Bizarre Inc feat. Angie Brown 'I'm Gonna Get You'
2. Bill 'Car Boot Sale'
3. Bombalurina 'Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini'
4. Dead Or Alive 'You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)'
5. Chas & Dave 'Rabbit'
6. New Order 'Blue Monday'
7. Paul Simon 'You Can Call Me Al'
8. Depeche Mode 'Just Can't Get Enough'
9. The Goodmen 'Give It Up'
10. Duran Duran 'The Reflex'
11. Sub Sub feat. Melanie Williams 'Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use)'
12. The Goons 'Ying Tong Song'
13. The Shamen 'Ebeneezer Goode'
14. Village People 'In The Navy'
11:05 127 BPM
1-05 R'N'B Essentials: Party Break (Part 2)
Mixed by Gary Gee
1. Fatman Scoop 'Showtown'
2. Mis-Teeq 'Scandalous'
3. Fatman Scoop feat. The Crooklyn Clan 'Be Faithful'
4. Lumidee 'Never Leave You (Uh Oooh Uh Oooh)'
5. Kevin Lyttle feat. Spragga Benz 'Turn Me On'
11:40 102-105 BPM
1-06 R.E.M. 90's Heroes
Mixed by John Faulkner
1. R.E.M. 'What's The Frequency, Kenneth'
2. R.E.M. 'The Great Beyond'
3. R.E.M. 'Man On The Moon'
4. R.E.M. 'Nightswimming'
5. R.E.M. 'Shiny Happy People'
6. R.E.M. 'The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite'
7. R.E.M. 'Losing My Religion'
10:46 98-124 BPM
1-07 Last Night A DJ Nicked My Samples
Mixed by John Faulkner
4:37 133 BPM
1-08 James Brown Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine
RWL Remix / Produced by Rick Wain
5:12 125 BPM
1-09 Jennifer Lopez Waiting For Tonight
G-Force Remix / Produced by G-Force
4:29 138 BPM
2-01 Smokey Robinson Vs Positive Gang
Mixed by Mix Avengers
1. Smokey Robinson And The Miracles 'The Tears Of A Clown (Acapella)'
2. Positive Gang 'Sweet Freedom'
3:28 134 BPM
2-02 Whitney Houston Vs Kontakt
Mixed by Gary Gee
1. Whitney Houston 'So Emotional (Acapella)'
2. Kontakt 'Show Me A Sign (Instrumental)'
5:22 140 BPM
2-03 Benny Benassi Vs Ruffneck
Mixed by Gary Gee
1. Benny Benassi 'Inside Of Me'
2. Ruffneck 'Everybody (Be Somebody) (Acapella)'
4:59 132 BPM
2-04 Michael Jackson Vs Bo' Selecta!
Mixed by Liam Stirland & Richard Lee
1. Michael Jackson 'The Way You Make Me Feel'
2. 'Bo' Selecta! TV Samples'
4:04 114 BPM
2-05 The Lost Brothers Vs Ultrabeat
Mixed by Rick Wain
1. The Lost Brothers 'Cry Little Sister (I Need U Now)'
2. Ultrabeat 'Pretty Green Eyes'
7:37 140 BPM
2-06 No Doubt Vs Talk Talk
Mixed by John Faulkner
1. No Doubt 'It's My Life'
2. Talk Talk 'It's My Life'
4:40 126 BPM
2-07 The Mastermix Allstars Tom Hark 2004 (The Anthem)
Performed by The Mastermix Allstars
3:23 149 BPM
2-08 Wild Knight Sweet Child O' Mine
Produced by Liam Stirland
4:13 135 BPM
2-09 MX Mad World
Produced by Liam Stirland & Richard Lee
3:07 135 BPM
2-10 Ronan Keating Life Is A Rollercoaster
Produced by Park & Ride
1. Ronan Keating 'Life Is A Rollercoaster'
2. Tavares 'Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel (Sample)'
5:06 130 BPM
2-11 Under The Covers (Part 4)
Mixed by Mix Avengers
1. DJ Dave 'Wonderful World'
2. Hoxton Whores 'Blinded By The Light'
3. Alex C feat. Yasmin K 'Rhythm Of The Night (Pulsedriver Remix)'
8:01 140-142 BPM
2-12 Belinda Carlisle 80's Hero
Mixed by John Faulkner
1. Belinda Carlisle 'Live Your Life Be Free'
2. Belinda Carlisle 'Do You Feel Like I Feel'
3. Belinda Carlisle 'Heaven Is A Place On Earth'
4. Belinda Carlisle 'La Luna'
5. Belinda Carlisle 'Circle In The Sand'
6. Belinda Carlisle 'Runaway Horses'
7. Belinda Carlisle 'Leave A Light On'
8. Belinda Carlisle '(We Want) The Same Thing'
12:56 118-132 BPM
2-13 Bruce Springsteen Legends
Mixed by John Faulkner
1. Bruce Springsteen 'Hungry Heart'
2. Bruce Springsteen 'Human Touch'
3. Bruce Springsteen 'Glory Days'
4. Bruce Springsteen 'Born In The USA'
5. Bruce Springsteen 'Dancing In The Dark'
8:44 109-148 BPM
2-14-45 Bo' Selecta! Tool Kit (Part 1)
Compiled by Liam Stirland & Richard Lee