Metromix Issue GT7

Catalog #:GT7
A1 L.L. Cool J The Boomin' Mix
Mix/Edits by C. Lawson/G. Beasley/T. Thornton, Scratchin' by Cool Odie
7:45 100 BPM
A2 DNA feat Suzanne Vega Tom's Diner
Edited by G. Beasley/C. Lawson
6:37 101 BPM
B1 Vanilla Ice Ice Ice Baby
Mix/Edits by John Gray/Tiger Jones
6:24 117 BPM
B2 The Police with "El" Voices
Mix by C. Lawson/G. Beasley/B. Monroe/T. Thornton
6:36 109 BPM
Y1 M.C. Hammer Pray
Mixed by Doc Love/Greg Beasley
6:56 122 BPM
Y2 Bell, Biv, DeVoe I Thought It Was Me
Edit by G. Beasley/C. Lawson
6:05 108 BPM
Z1 Pebbles Giving You The Benefit
Mixed by John Gray/Tiger Jones
9:01 102 BPM
Z2 Deee-Lite Groove Is In The Heart
A Stoopidalidoucious Edit by Raul "DJ Efx" Recinos
5:29 119 BPM