Metromix Issue GT5

Catalog #:GT5
A1 Lisa Stansfield You Can't Deny It/Affection
Mixed And Edited by G. Beasley/Ted Thornton
9:45 103-104 BPM
A2 Two Girls Talk About Rockin'
Mix by G. Beasley/S. Russo/T. Thornton
6:37 124 BPM
B1 Keith Sweat Make You Sweat
Mix/Edit by Doc Love
6:56 106 BPM
B2 Mister Mixi & Skinny Scotty I Can Handle It
Mix/Edits by Carl Lawson
6:40 125 BPM
Y1 Johnny Gill Rub You The Right Way
Mixed/Edits by G. Beasley/S. Russo/T. Thornton
6:46 113 BPM
Y2 Public Enemy Brothers Gonna Work It Out
Edit by Greg Beasley/Tossin' Ted
7:11 104 BPM
Z1 Tony Toni Tone The Blues
Mix/Edit by Darris "Maddog" Hoskins
7:00 107 BPM
Z2 Digital Underground Doowutchulike
Edits/Mix by C. Lawson/Capt "G"/Tossin' Ted
6:05 107 BPM