Metromix Issue GT10

Catalog #:GT-10
Date: 1991
A1 C&C Music Factory Here We Go (Let's Rock And Roll)
Edit/Mix by Greg Beasley/Carl Lawson
7:35 113 BPM
A2 Bingo Boys How To Dance
Edit/Mix by John Grey/Otis Guffey
6:01 122 BPM
B1 The KLF feat Children Of The Revolution 3 A.M. Eternal
Edit by Greg Beasley/Carl Lawson
6:50 119 BPM
B2 Alexander O'Neal All True Man
Edit by Carl Lawson
6:15 105 BPM
Y1 Bell Biv Devoe She's Dope
Edit by Greg Beasley/Carl Lawson
6:35 109 BPM
Y2 Mantronix Step To Me (Do Me)
Edit by Greg Beasley/Carl Lawson
6:30 102 BPM
Z1 Nikki D Daddy's Little Girl
Edit/Mix by Carl Lawson/Greg Beasley
5:55 101 BPM
Z2 Jasmine Guy Another Like My Lover
Edited/Mix by Carl Lawson
7:48 104 BPM
Z3 Sly And The Family Stone Family Affair
Edit/Mix by John Grey & Tiger Jones