Metromix GT-Jamz Vol 2

01 M.C. Sway & D.J. King Tech Follow 4 Now
Mix by C. Lawson/G. Beasley
02 Lisa Stansfield All Around The World
Mix by Greg Beasley/Steve Russo
03 M.C. Hammer Pray
Mix by Carl Lawson/Greg Beasley
04 C&C Music Factory Gonna Make You Sweat
Mix by Paul Recinos/Greg Beasley
05 Public Enemy Brothers Gonna Work It Out
Mix by Greg Beasley/Ted Thorton
06 Vanilla Ice Ice Ice Baby
Mix by John Gary, Tiger Jones
07 L.L. Cool J Boomin Mix
Mix by Greg Beasley/Carl Lawson/Ozell Johnson
08 Salt N' Pepa Good Seasoning Mix
Mixed by Greg Beasley, Carl Lawson, Ted Thorton
09 Tony Toni Tone The Blues
Mix by Darris Hoskins
10 Leila K Got To Get (1991)
Mix by Carl Lawson