Mastermix Irish

Catalog #:CD507
01 St. Patrick's Day Stomper
1. Sean O'neill Band 'Mcnamara's Band'
2. Sean O'neill Band 'Blackthorn Stick'
3. The Pogues 'Sally Maclennane'
4. Ricky Tomlinson 'Are You Looking At Me?'
5. O.S.T 'Lord Of The Dance'
6. Sham Rock 'Tell Me Ma'
02 The Pogues The Ultimate Pogues Sing-A-Long
1. The Pogues 'Wild Rover'
2. The Pogues 'Fiesta'
3. The Pogues 'Sally Mclenanne'
4. The Pogues & The Dubliners 'Irish Rover'
03 The Undertones Legends
1. The Undertones 'Teenage Kicks'
2. The Undertones 'You've Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It)'
3. The Undertones 'My Perfect Cousin'
4. The Undertones 'Jimmy Jimmy'
5. The Undertones 'Get Over You'
6. The Undertones 'Here Comes The Summer'
04 Thin Lizzy Legends
1. Thin Lizzy 'Don't Beleive A Word'
2. Thin Lizzy 'Jailbreak'
3. Thin Lizzy 'Dancin' In The Moonlight (It's Caught Me In The Spotlight)'
4. Thin Lizzy 'Chinatown'
5. Thin Lizzy 'Waiting For An Alibi'
6. Thin Lizzy 'Do Anything You Wanna Do'
7. Thin Lizzy 'The Boys Are Back In Town'
05 Westlife No.1's Mix
1. Westlife 'I Have A Dream'
2. Westlife 'If I Let You Go'
3. Westlife 'Seasons In The Sun'
4. Westlife 'Flying Without Wings'
5. Westlife 'Swear It Again'
06 Irish Heartthrobs
1. Westlife 'World Of Our Own'
2. Ronan Keating 'Lovin' Each Day'
3. Ronan Keating 'Life Is A Rollercoaster'
4. Boyzone 'Picture Of You'
07 Fergal Sharkey A Good Heart (RWL Remix)
08 Westlife Evergreen (RWL Remix)
09 Bits & Pieces: Irish Legends
1. Fergal Sharkey 'A Good Heart'
2. Joe Dolan 'Make Me An Island'
3. The Commitments 'Mustang Sally'
4. U2 'New Years Day'
5. The Pogues 'Sally Maclennane'
6. Westlife 'Obvious'
7. Boomtown Rats 'Life Clockwork'
8. Terry Wogan 'The Floral Dance'
9. Baltimora 'Tarzan Boy'
10. The Undertones 'Teenage Kicks'
10 O.S.T. Lord Of The Dance
Bonus Track