Mastermix Halloween

Catalog #:CD489
01 Steve Miller Band Abracadabra Remix
02 Ray Parker Jr Ghostbusters Remix
03 Bobby 'Boris' Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers Monster Mash Remix
04 Brainbug Nightmare Remix
05 Alice Cooper Poison Remix
06 Halloween Madness Mix
1. Ray Parker Jr 'Ghostbusters'
2. Michael Jackson 'Thriller'
3. Meatloaf 'You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth'
4. Prince 'Batdance'
5. 'The Adams Family Theme'
07 House Of Horror Mix
1. Michael Jackson 'Thriller'
2. Ray Parker Jr 'Ghostbusters'
3. Bobby 'Boris' Pickett & The Crypt Kickers 'Monster Mash'
08 The Rocky Horror Megamix
1. Original Cast 'The Time Warp'
2. Original Cast 'Sweet Transvestite'
3. Original Cast 'Dammit Janet'
4. Original Cast 'Whatever Happened To Saturday Night'
09 The Cult Lil' Devil
Bonus Track
10 Ray Parker Jr Ghostbusters (Instrumental)
Bonus Track
11 The Specials Ghost Town
Bonus Track
12 Halloween Bits & Pieces
1. Amityville (The House On The Hill) 'Lovebug Starski'
2. Batdance 'Prince'
3. Bark At The Moon 'Ozzy Osborne'
4. Monster Mash 'Bobby 'Boris' Pickett & The Crypt Kickers'
5. Somebody's Watching Me 'Rockwell'
6. There's A Ghost In My House 'The Fall'
7. Grimly Fiendish 'The Damned'
8. Addams Groove 'Hammer'
9. Psycho Killer 'Talking Heads'
10. People Are Strange 'The Doors'
13 Sound FX & Utilities
1. 'Evil Laughter Sound FX'
2. 'Goblin Laugh Sound FX'
3. 'Nightmare On Alfred Street Sound FX'
4. 'Spooky Laughter Sound FX'
5. 'The Dark Room Sound FX'
6. 'Thunderclap Sound FX'
7. 'Twilight Zone Sound FX'
8. 'Wolves Sound FX'
9. 'Halloween Evil FX'