Intermix DJ Mastermixes Volume One

Catalog #:MM001
01 Shalamar Shalamix 'Shalamar Megamix Part 1'
Mixed & Edited by Tim Raidl
1. Shalamar 'There It Is'
2. Shalamar 'A Night To Remember'
3. Shalamar 'I Can Make You Feel Good'
4. Shalamar 'Make That Move'
5. Shalamar 'Take That To The Bank'
6. Shalamar 'Friends'
16:20 109-115 BPM
02 Marmion Schoneberg (Def Electronica Remix)
Remixed by The Deck General
5:00 134 BPM
03 Ultra Nate Free (The Freemix)
Mixed & Edited by Magic Touch
5:39 128 BPM
04 Run DMC vs Tim Raidl
Mastermixed by Tim Raidl
1. Run DMC 'It's Tricky'
2. La Luna 'To The Beat Of The Drum'
4:15 135 BPM
05 Rochelle Fleming Let No Man Put Asunder (Johann 8 Hard Disko Conversion)
Remixed and Production by Johann 8
6:40 131 BPM
06 Salsoul Classics Megamix
Remixed and Edited with Love by Jason Davies for Intermix
1. Inner Life 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough'
2. Bunny Sigler 'By The Way You Dance'
3. Love Committee 'Just So Long As I Got You'
4. Loleatta Holloway 'Love Sensation'
5. First Choice 'Let No Man Put Asunder'
6. Double Exposure 'Ten Percent'
7. Inner Life 'I Like It Like That'
8. First Choice 'Dr. Love'
9. Salsoul Orchestra 'You're Just The Right Size'
10. Instant Funk 'Got My Mind Made Up'
11. Double Exposure 'My Love Is Free'
12. Inner Life 'Moment Of My Life'
13. Salsoul Orchestra 'Run Away'
14. Loleatta Holloway 'Hit & Run'
15. Salsoul Orchestra 'Take Some Time Out'
17:41 126-108 BPM
07 Disco Dubbers 12" Remix
Remixed by The Rhythm Masters
1. Disco Dubbers 'Wanna Touch Me'
2. Roy Ayers 'Running Away'
6:26 125 BPM
08 Bonus DJ Traxx 'Jazz Phunk'
1:40 96 BPM
09 Bonus DJ Traxx 'Inter House'
5:16 133 BPM