In The Remix Vol. 3

Catalog #:ITR03
Date: 1992
A1 Lighter Shade Of Brown Sunday Afternoon
Remixed by Juanito special thanks to Tony Rivera
6:55 94 BPM
A2 Guy Her
Remixed by Juanito
6:09 115 BPM
A3 Morocco Moe Be Alright
Remixed by Juanito
4:00 80.3 BPM
A4 Bonus Beat 3
Programmed by Juanito
2:36 98 BPM
B1 2nd II None Be True To Yourself
Remixed by Juanito
5:10 113 BPM
B2 PM Dawn Watcher's Point Of View
Remixed by Juanito and Enrie
6:14 122 BPM
B3 Leticia feat Def Double F Movin' In Time
Produced by Juanito and L. Peinado
4:38 104 BPM
B4 Bonus Beat 4
Programmed by Juanito
2:18 111 BPM