Hot Tracks Series 6, Issue 10

Date: 1987
A1 Mick Jagger Let's Work
Extended CD Edit by Steve Bourasa
7:35 118 BPM
A2 Pet Shop Boys with Dusty Springfield What Have I Done To Deserve This?
CD Edit by Steve Bourasa
6:10 118 BPM
B1 Ceejay Could This Be Love
Edit by Glenn Cattanach
6:04 112 BPM
B2 Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up
Edit by Mark Watkins
6:30 114 BPM
C1 Hubert Kah Military Drums
Extended Edit by Art Maharg of Razormaid
7:05 120 BPM
C2 Sybil My Love Is Guaranteed
Original Remix by Phil Harding & Peter Waterman, Edit by Glenn Cattanach
6:57 118 BPM
D1 Lois & Lane Turn On The Light
"Indian Summer Mix" by Mark Watkins
6:42 120 BPM
D2 Fun Fun Gimme Some Loving
Edit by Jim "Hip-Hop" Hopkins
6:15 128 BPM