Hot Tracks Series 5, Issue 2

Date: 1986
A1 Octomnipent Zeitgeist II
Medley by Glenn Cattanach, Greg Lee, Jeff McKeehan
1. Colonel Abrams 'Trapped'
2. Steve Arrington 'Dancing In The Key Of Life'
3. Brenda K. Starr 'Pickin' Up Pieces'
4. Vikki Love with Nuance 'Stop Playing On Me'
5. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam with Full Force 'I Wonder If I Take You Home'
6. Harold Faltermeyer 'Axel F.'
7. Kool & The Gang 'Fresh'
8. Cheyne 'Call Me Mr. Telephone'
9. Paul Hardcastle '19'
10. Siedah Garrett 'Do You Want I Right Now'
11. Goon Squad 'Eight Arms To Hold'
12. Time Bandits 'I'm Only Shooting Love'
13. Mary Jane Girls 'Wild And Crazy Love'
14. Mary Jane Girls 'In My House'
15. Exposé 'Point Of No Return'
16. Phil Collins 'Sussudio'
17. Alexander Robotnick 'Problems D'Amour'
18. Klymaxx 'The Men All Pause'
19. Book Of Love 'Boy'
20. ABC 'Be Near Me'
21. El DeBarge with DeBarge 'You Wear It Well'
22. Aretha Franklin 'Freeway Of Love'
23. Dead Or Alive 'Lover Come Back To Me'
24. Eurythmics 'Would I Lie To You'
25. New Order 'Perfect Kiss'
26. Dead Or Alive 'You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)'
27. Ready For The World 'Oh Sheila'
28. Madonna 'Angel'
29. Madonna 'Dress You Up'
30. Natalie Cole 'Dangerous'
31. Patti LaBelle 'New Attitude'
32. Laid Back 'One Life'
33. Pointer Sisters 'Neutron Dance'
17:59 118-212 BPM
B1 Paul Rein Hold Back Your Love
Extended Edit by Glenn Cattanach
7:12 124 BPM
B2 Chi-Am Dance Crazy
Edit by Mark "Hot Rod" Trollan
7:42 128 BPM
C1 Ta Mara & The Seen You Turn Me Up
Edit by Cameron Paul
6:32 118 BPM
C2 Mark Shreeve Legion
Extended Edit by Jim Hopkins
7:42 116 BPM
D1 Joy St. James Dance
Mix by Jim Hopkins
8:58 136 BPM
D2 Jamie Principle Your Love
Special Mix by Mark "Hot Rod" Trollan
5:33 120 BPM