Hot Tracks Series 5, Issue 12

Date: 1986
A1 Belinda Carlisle with Freda Payne Band Of Gold
A Sister Mix by John Bice & Randy Garrett
7:15 122 BPM
A2 Anita Baker Watch Your Step
A Sister Mix by John Bice & Randy Garrett
7:52 126 BPM
B1 Angie Dylan In The Dark
Extended Edit by Glenn Cattanach
5:50 116 BPM
B2 B-52's Girl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland
Pitstop Edit by John Bice
7:08 118 BPM
C1 New Order Bizarre Love Triangle
Extended Edit by Steve Bourasa
8:36 119 BPM
C2 Ampersand Traction
Extended Edit by Aron "Bugsy" Siegel & Randy "Spike" Dethman
7:46 118 BPM
D1 Silent Noise Whole Lotta Love
Mix by Mario T. & Randy Easterling, Producer: Mario T., Executive Producer: Pierre Dupraf
5:29 100 BPM
D2 Silent Noise Whole Lotta Rap
4:18 100 BPM
D3 Zee Make My Day
Edit by Mike Carroll
7:30 102 BPM