Hot Tracks Series 5, Issue 10

Date: 1986
A1 Double Captain Of Her Heart
Captain's Mix by John Bice
5:58 98 BPM
A2 Chico DeBarge Talk To Me
Remix and additional production by Cameron Paul
6:14 118 BPM
B1 Ziggy / Cable Ready No Police (Yeah I Know) Medley
RANSOMIX by John Bice
8:39 130 BPM
B2 Yoh-Yo The Main Attraction
Extended Edit by Gregg Deneweth
7:42 130 BPM
C1 Sonia Sumner Love Impersonator
Midnight Re-Edit by Jim "Hip Hop" Hopkins
7:23 116 BPM
C2 Double Your Prayer Takes Me Off
Extended Dance Edit by BJ Productions
7:08 116 BPM
D1 Deshawn I Want A Real Lover
Mixed and Edited by Cameron Paul
6:34 112 BPM
D2 Leah Landis Boys
Extended Edit by Randy "Spike" Dethman & Aron Siegel
7:28 134 BPM