Grandmaster Old Skool

Catalog #:CD400
Date: 2002
1-01 Grandmaster Old Skool
Mixed by John Faulkner
1. Mantronix feat Wondress 'Got To Have Your Love'
2. Snap 'The Power'
3. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam 'Let The Beat Hit 'Em'
4. Chd Jackson 'Here The Drummer (Get Wicked)'
5. Candi Statton 'You Got The Love (Erens Bootleg Mix)'
6. C&C Music Factory 'Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Get Down)'
7. Nomad feat Mc Mickey Freedom '(I Wanna Gove You) Devotion'
8. Shapes Of Rythm 'Sweet Sesation'
9. The Shamen 'Move Any Mountain'
10. Definition Of Sound 'Wear Your Love Like Heaven'
11. 2 In A Room 'Wiggle It'
12. Strings Of Life 'Rhythm Is Rhythm'
13. Adventures Of Stevie V 'Dirty Cash'
14. Bassheads 'Back To The Old Skool'
15. Cola Boy '7 Ways To Love'
16. K Klass 'Let Me Show You'
17. N-Joi 'Anthem'
18. 808 State 'Cubik'
19. The Shamen 'Ebeneezer Good'
20. Moby 'Go'
21. Jaydee 'Plastic Dreams'
22. Jaydee 'Plastic Dreams'
23. Cls 'Can You Feel It'
24. Rozalla 'Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)'
25. Snap 'Rhythm Is A Dancer'
71:11 106-129 BPM
2-01 Granmaster Old Skool
Mixed by John Faulkner
1. 808 State 'Pacific'
2. Oceanic 'Insanity'
3. New Atlantic 'I Know (Love Decade Mix)'
4. Lfo 'Lfo (Leeds Warehouse Mix)'
5. Feelix 'Don't You Want Me'
6. Rhythm On The Loose 'Break Of Dawn'
7. Marradonna 'Out Of My Head'
8. Quadrophonia 'Quadrophonia'
9. Altern 8 'Activ 8 (Come With Me)'
10. Bizzarre Inc. 'Playing With Knifes'
11. The Scientist 'Exorcist'
12. Zero B 'Anasthasia'
13. T99 'Lock Up'
14. Awsome 3 'Don't Go'
15. Ratpack 'Searchin' For My Rizla'
16. Urban Hype 'The Feeling'
17. Liquid 'Sweet Harmony'
18. Kicks Like A Mule 'The Bouncer'
19. Baby D 'Let Me Be Your Fantasy'
20. Sons Of Loop Da Loop Era 'Far Out'
21. Manix 'Feel Reel Good'
22. N-Trance 'Set You Free'
23. Sl2 'On A Ragga Trip'
24. Praga Khan 'Injected With Poison'
25. Urban Hype 'A Trip To Trumpton'
26. Nebula 2 'Antheama'
27. 2 Unlimited 'No Limit'
28. Smart E's 'Sesame's Treet'
29. Prodigy 'Out Of Space'
75:37 129-145 BPM